Method of working Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (SACC)

PhD-PDEng counsellor 
The Twente Graduate School (TGS) offers PhD counselling through PhD counsellors of SACC.
It consists of individual and easily accessible coaching offer with the focus on staying on track. Consult the PhD counsellor if you face obstacles during your PhD / PDEng trajectory and if you need independent and confidential advice. 

This service is offered independently from your faculty, TGS or HR department and is strictly confidential.
The PhD Counsellors are trained as a coach, career advisor and confidential advisor.  

Possible subjects for coaching and counselling are:

  • productivity
  • motivation
  • cultural differences
  • combining personal life with the heavy workload
  • self-confidence
  • advice regarding communication or relations on the work floor, including the relationship with the supervisor
  • career objectives

PhD counsellors do not replace existing counselling and support resources in or outside the UT, like available from the Twente Graduate School, HR, HR Development, Arbo-Unie (Company Doctor and Psychologists), Confidential Advisors, Ombuds officer or General Practitioner. We might, however, refer you to these resources if that is required and appropriate. We also co-operate with P-NUT. If necessary, we can also refer you to one of the student psychologists at SACC for some advice on psychological wellbeing. 

For whom
This easy accessible PhD counselling is available to all PhD’s and PDEngs (including external PHD’s/PDEngs and the ones with a scholarship) at the University of Twente.

The appointments are free of charge. 

The PhD Counsellors’offices are at Student Affairs Coaching and Counselling (SACC), UT Campus, Vrijhof Building floor 3, room 311 (red desk).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PhD counsellors can currently only be met online through Microsoft Teams. 

For appointments, please contact the secretariat of SACC by phone: +31 53 489 2035 or by e-mail at

PhD counsellors

Mrs Minke Klomp MSC,
Mrs Lucelle Dankbaar MA, 

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