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Two free online workshops on authorship and the publishing process

Getting your research published involves a lot of steps besides writing your manuscript. To support engineers, faculty, researchers and (PhD) students in their ability to get their research published and shared with the scientific community, IEEE offers two workshops on authorship. IEEE especially publishes research output on technical innovations in the fields of engineering, computer sciences and information technology.

The workshops will cover various aspects that are involved in the publishing process: journal selection, submission of your manuscript, peer review, Open Access and other publishing options. Both workshop cover different topics and each can be followed separately.

Registration is open for anyone and free of charge. The workshops will take place on June 3rd at 11:00-12:30 hrs and 14:00-15:00 hrs respectively. Besides speakers from IEEE, a guest speaker (prof. Massimo Mischi) from Eindhoven University of Technology will participate.

For further information and registration, you can consult the following link.

Of course, the information specialist of your faculty is willing to support you in case you have questions about publishing your research.