medical imaging and interventions 

This specialization belongs to the Master's programme Technical Medicine.

Medical Imaging and Interventions deals with minimal invasive technology, reconstruction of damaged tissues, medical robotics, computer-controlled interventions, biomaterials and advanced imaging and localization techniques.

With regard to imaging, you wil get familiar with the physical and chemical aspects that are crucial in the field of molecular imaging. You will focus on the interactions that determine the properties and prospects of existing and future techniques in magnetic resonance and nuclear imaging. On top of that you will cover optical interactions and imaging methods and gain expertise on imaging reconstruction and visualization. This will enable you to transform, analyze and utilize complex image structures in multiple dimensions and originating from various modalities. Together with an additional course on a topic you can choose yourself, these three course make up one semester, during whichyou will present and treat  a medical imaging case and with a small group of fellow-students. Typical subjects you will encounter in this case include neuro-surgery and interventional-radiology, localizating tumor tissue (before and during an intervention) and accurate monitoring of displacements (e.g. brain-shift, respiratory and abdominal movements).

In the second semester, the programme progresses further towards the intervention, focusing on reconstructive technologies for developing improved procedures and new solutions for patient care. You will also look at aspects of medical robotics and navigation technology for accurate and reliable medical interventions involving robotic support, along with a broad range of reconstructive technologies and biomaterials for tissue and organ repair. In order to make sure you can work safely in the operating theatre and design safe procedures for future interventions, it is crucial that you obtain a formally accepted degree in Radiation Protection. This is why Radiation Protection Level 3 is an integral part of this second semester of the MII MSc course. As in the first semester, the technological courses are integrated in the framework of a medical case focusing on the development of a new surgical procedure for a (minimal) invasive intervention.

First year courses

First quartile

Second quartile

Third quartile

Fourth quartile

Radiation Expertise 

(5 EC)

Imaging Techniques (5 EC)

Segmentation and Visualisation (5 EC)

Reconstructive Medicine o.v.b (5 EC)

Molecular Interaction for Imaging Technologies (5 EC)

Optional subject
(5 EC)

Optional subject 

(5 EC)

Surgical Navigation Technology 

(5 EC)

Injection, punctures & catheterizations (3EC)

Surgical skills 

(3 EC)

Advanced Life Support
(3 EC)

Endoscopic skills
(3 EC)

Case 1 (4 EC)

Case 2 (4 EC)

Track coordinator: Dr. Broerders

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