"it was confirmation that it was the right choice for me to want to study Technical Medicine"Maureen Groot Koerkamp

After deciding that I wanted to switch from Medicine to Technical Medicine, I entered the UT pre-master programme. Especially the first period of the programme was quite tough, after three years without mathematics, since it covered all mathematics from the first two regular bachelor years. After this period the course content was more mixed. Since I already gained knowledge of the medical subjects by studying Medicine, I could put some extra time and effort in the technical parts of the courses. That way I was able to keep up with the pace of covering all the subjects.

The final assignment of the programme, with the regular bachelor students, was really interesting to do. Because it covered and integrated both medical and technical aspects, it was a good final check and confirmation that it was the right choice for me to want to study Technical Medicine.

In my opinion, the pre-master programme was a good preparation for the Technical Medicine master. During all the courses of the first year of the master programme, I felt like my technical knowledge was really sufficient. I think that since I was motivated, had some feeling for maths and physiology, and was not too concerned about putting in some effort in only studying technical subjects, the pre-master programme was well doable.

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