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Transferring from university of applied sciences (HBO) to Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society

If you have a Bachelor’s degree from a university of applied sciences (‘HBO’ in Dutch), you can apply for the two-year Master’s in PSTS on the additional condition of scoring a satisfactory result on the Entry Assignment that you will be invited to write after submitting your application for this master's. You don't need to do a Pre-Master.

If you can, we advise you to include a University of Twente minor in your bachelor programme. The minors we recommend are related to PSTS. An example is the minor Philosophy and Governance of Science and Technology.


Didn't graduate yet?

You may be granted conditional acceptance based on your transcripts, detailed curriculum information, relevant research and expected graduation date. To finally be enrolled in the Master's, you do need to submit your bachelor's degree, once you have obtained this. You can also start your application when you have obtained a bachelor's or master's degree at UT in the past. 

Entry Assignment

You will be invited to write an entry assignment after submitting your application. You will receive instructions on writing an essay, which you must return within 10 days. Together with your other documents this essay will be assessed by the PSTS Admission Committee. After that, you will be informed whether or not you are admitted to the PSTS programme.

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