Production & logistic management

This specialization belongs to the master's programme Industrial Engineering and Management.

Understanding the impact of customized logistical designs on overall performance is a key area of management in industry and engineering. This is the focus of Production & Logistic Management.

Production and logistics gets right to the heart of the supply chain, from sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products to customers. Modern production and logistics methods are growing ever more complex. Product lifetime is on the decrease, suppliers and buyers are spreading across the planet and more activities are being outsourced.

You will learn to meet these challenges by getting to grips with key issues in supply chain design. This involves pinpointing the best location for production facilities and distribution centres, and identifying the resources they need. You will learn how to structure operations management in production, warehousing, transport, distribution and purchasing. The key is to give customers the standard of service they want and to ensure process reliability.

Production & Logistic Management is about understanding the impact of customized logistical designs on overall performance. In our Business Process Laboratory, you will apply advanced software tools for enterprise resource planning and integer linear programming problems, capacity analysis of production systems, distribution planning and vehicle routing. Some courses are being taught in collaboration with the Master’s programme in Mechanical Engineering.

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