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Neurotechnology and Biomechatronics

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This specialisation belongs to the Master's Electrical Engineering.

Neurotechnology & Biomechatronics focuses on neural engineering, interfacing with the neural system and on monitoring and influencing body functions on distance through such interfaces.

Research is conducted at three levels:

  • At cellular and network level, you will look at neuro-electronic interfacing of live neural tissue on electrode substrates, learning and memory in cultured circuits and neural endcap prosthesis.
  • At human function level you will study neuromodulation and dynamic identification with reference to pain, motor control and heart function; diagnosis, functional support and neurofeedback training in rehabilitation.
  • At healthcare level you will explore areas of telemedicine, such as remote monitoring and remotely supervised treatment using wearable interfaces and ICT systems.

The specialisation Neurotechnology and Biomechatroniccs is directly linked with the researchgroup Biomedical Signals and Systems and research institute the Technical Medical Centre (TechMed). This means you will have excellent peer guidance and will be working on the newest challenges.

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