Tram Vo studied Textile and Garment Engineering in Vietnam. She is now studying Educational Management at the University of Twente and chose for the Educational Design and Effectiveness focal area. When she graduates, she would like to gain some professional experience in the Netherlands, and then go back to her home country Vietnam.

I chose the University of Twente because it was the only university which had research facilities in the field I am interested in. I think the Master’s programme is of uncountable value. The programme taught me how to apply all of the things I had learned during my Bachelor’s. For one course we had to research the collaboration between international and Dutch students in certain programmes at the University of Twente. Communication didn’t always go very well. With brainstorming, interviewing, meeting and creative thinking, we created an advice which helped the students to understand each other better and therefore were much more able to work together.

Thanks to enthusiasm of our clients, solidarity of group members, hard-working and help from our supervisors, we were able to make the assignment into a success. There are many differences between my home country Vietnam and the way things go here in the Netherlands. The contact between students and teachers at the university in Vietnam is not open. The communication is only about the study. Here in the Netherlands, you can even sit together with teachers to eat or drink, it’s a very open climate

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