Stefan van Langevelde

Stefan studied Psychology at the University of Twente. Afterwards, he chose the Master’s programme in Educational Science and Technology, specialising in Human Resource Development. When he finishes his studies, he would like to continue as an external consultant by joining the network of Kessels & Smit or by starting his own company with a couple of colleagues. As a consultant, he would like to help organizations with the questions they have concerning the development of their employees.

During my search for a Master’s degree programme, I thought about all the things I had done in the preceding four years I was at the university, and looked at the moments I was at my best. These moments consisted of interesting lectures, assignments I really liked, the organisation of a symposium or talking with teachers about the quality of education. I found out that I am very interested in the development of people and organizations. I like to look at how things can be improved in order to develop people and thereby improving organizations and the quality of their product. I found the HRD programme which suited perfectly.

The HRD programme focuses on how you can help people in an organization to improve themselves. For one course, we had to do an assignment for the ROC of Twente, a school for vocational education. We had to develop a trajectory to support the intrinsic motivation of teachers for their professional development. The assumption was that this would improve the quality of education. We started developing a trajectory by investigating the way teachers develop themselves professionally and the things that motivate them.

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