Kim Evers

Kim Evers received her Bachelor’s degree in Educational Science from the University of Twente. She is now studying for her Master’s degree in Educational Science and Technology, and she opts for  the Educational Design and Effectiveness (EDE) focus. When she finishes her studies, she would like to do research on teacher design teams as a PhD student. Another option is to work at a consultancy involved in schools and teacher development.

I was always interested in how to support people’s learning processes. When I finished my Bachelor’s programme, I wanted to learn much more about the learning processes in schools, particularly those of teachers. Teachers are professionals; they rely for a great part on their own beliefs, knowledge and competences. However, they tend not to share their knowledge, even though this could be very helpful. Research has been done on this subject at the University of Twente, which is why I decided to study here.

The University of Twente focuses on three roles you can fulfil when studying for either a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree: researcher, designer and organizer. I like the combination of these roles in education. You learn to see how these roles influence each other, and it makes for a varied programme of study. The Master’s programme helped me with critical thinking, planning, doing research and developing an academic attitude. At the University of Twente, there is a balance between practical implementation and theoretical research. I like the practical view on education, but I also find it important that practical implementations are supported by research and literature.

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