Software Technology

right for you?


Software Technology (ST) is the right programme for you if your goal is to become any of the following:


A practitioner has theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a broad range of software engineering phases, encompassing architecture, design, construction and validation techniques and tools. He/she is also competent to address specific software engineering challenges in application areas, such as sensor networks, information systems and security.


A researcher is well equipped to carry out theoretical and experimental research in the realm of software engineering technologies, programming or design paradigms, or software engineering methods.


A tool builder is proficient in the state-of-the-art software engineering techniques needed to create or contribute to fit-for-purpose, maintainable software tools.


Software Technology graduates have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the different phases of the software lifecycle (ranging from requirements engineering over architectural and detailed design to construction and quality assurance) as a scientific and design discipline. Graduates also have practical experience with the application of software engineering methods and tools in the development of large-scale systems. You know the trade-offs between alternative software engineering techniques, and can make educated decisions throughout the software lifecycle.

There are different aspects of software engineering and you have knowledge and understanding of these aspects, including a mathematical background, software management, quality assurance, requirements engineering, architectural design, detailed design, software construction and programming languages. Furthermore you have specialist knowledge and understanding of one or more sub-fields, or aspects of the software engineering discipline, e.g. programming languages, software composition, service-oriented architectures, model-driven engineering and model checking. The software requirements for one or more application areas, such as pervasive systems and network protocols, information systems and security are also well known for you.

At last, ST graduates have practical experience conducting scientific research in software engineering technologies, programming or design paradigms and software engineering methods. As a result, you are a valuable contributor to this area of research and are adept at following trends and applying results.

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