Purchasing and supply Management Research group

At the University of Twente, two faculties have research groups for supply management. These two groups collaborate in the University of Twente Initiative for Purchasing Studies (UTIPS; www.utips.eu). Because of the crucial role played by the UTIPS, and because of its broad range of purchasing education, the University of Twente was recently honoured by IPSERA as one of five leading Centres of Expertise in the field of purchasing.

The Centre of Expertise at the University of Twente (UTIPs) comprises three research groups managed and headed by the following:

  • Prof. Holger Schiele (industrial purchasing and innovation)
  • Prof. Jan Telgen (public procurement) and
  • Dr Hans Voordijk (supply management in construction)

The University of Twente ranks amongst the leading global research centres for research on purchasing and supply management (e.g. as measured in terms of academic publications). A strong doctoral programme involving about a dozen PhD researchers (often in collaboration with firms) is at the heart of this achievement. Additional information about the UTIPS research centre is available here.

The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) has awarded the University of Twente the privilege of hosting its summer school for PhD students in the field of purchasing and supply. Each year, the next generation of researchers in Twente meets with leading professors from all over the world in order to discuss their research projects.

As a student in the Master’s programme in Purchasing and Supply Management, you will benefit directly from this leading position in research. In addition to becoming familiar with the latest trends in practice, you will be confronted with inspiring and future-oriented pieces of research. Studying at a centre of excellence will enable you to serve as a catalyst in firms. At the same time, you will receive solid training in research methods. At the University of Twente, you will be trained to engage in the critical analysis of semi-structured problems and to design well-founded, sustainable solutions.

The University of Twente is part of a research consortium that has recently received an award through the EU-funded Erasmus + programme. The PERFECT project is providing benchmarks for purchasing education in Europe, at the level of the firm, association and university, in order to design best practices for a PSM curriculum.

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