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Become an expert in guiding businesses through the digital jungle

Do you see yourself integrating smart solutions in business strategies in order to guide organizations forward in today’s digitalized world? Then the one-year, English-taught Master’s track in Digital Business (DB) – part of our Business Administration Master’s degree – is the right choice for you.

The virtual world of the Internet, data, digitalization and IT-based systems is exciting for businesses, but risky, too. It is disrupting markets and industries worldwide, and many firms cannot see the wood for the trees. This means they are desperate to find academically trained professionals who not only understand their business, but are also equipped to guide them through the digital jungle.

Our collaboration with one of Europe’s leading computer science departments here at the UT means that, while we will not turn you into a computer scientist, you will be equipped to add cutting-edge IT insights to your Business Administration toolbox. You will discover how different theoretical frameworks can enable companies to tackle digital challenges and seize opportunities presented by the exponential growth of data, both internally and externally.

You will discover how different theoretical frameworks can enable companies to tackle digital challenges and seize opportunities presented by the exponential growth of data, both internally and externally. You will work with the latest data mining methods, converting data sets that baffle others into highly into valuable organizational assets (prior experience with these techniques is not necessary; the track is open to students of all backgrounds). With the abilities you gain in this track to analyse, manage and utilize many kinds of business information – covering everything from market trends and buyer behaviour to absenteeism or production efficiency – you will be able to introduce major performance improvements, pointing the way to more effective strategies and increased competitiveness.  


There can be many reasons for you to sign up for the Digital Business DB Master’s specialization at the University of Twente. Discover the top four here.

  • Learn from intensive exposure to businesses and their digital challenges

    At the UT we have a broad, international corporate network. Throughout the Digital Business track, we make a point of giving you maximum exposure to external companies and the challenges they face in the transition to a digital society. Through our many business contacts, you will benefit from practical guest lectures, as well as a steady flow of large data sets with which to work and to experiment. By the time you complete the track, you will have not only have solid knowledge and skills in digital business, but also valuable experience with designing and implementing solutions for current challenges. Your interaction with companies may also present you with interesting graduation and career opportunities.

  • Benefit from an informal approach and highly personalized education

    The DB track, like all of our Business Administration specializations, is small in scale. We view students as co-researchers, offering an informal atmosphere, an open-door policy, and more intensive personal guidance from staff than you will find elsewhere. On top of that, there is a lot of space for you in this programme to pursue personal interests, for example by combining different elective courses, or in selecting a topic for your Master’s thesis. Our educational model is based on blended learning, combining plenary lectures – sometimes by guest speakers from industry – with hands-on team projects and training sessions. This mix of theory and practical exercises will give you confidence in developing digital solutions to support organizational processes and to strategically change businesses.

  • Develop your entrepreneurial skills and mind-set

    The UT is frequently praised as the most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands. Entrepreneurship is one of our core values, and we consider it part of our mission to keep redefining what that means in today’s constantly changing corporate and societal landscapes. As a Digital Business student, you will benefit from being part of our vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. Want to launch your own enterprise? The UT has an outstanding track record in successful startups, with over 1,000 spinoffs in business today – many of whom were helped by our innovation specialists at Novel-T. All of this means that as a DB student you have access to leading innovation and entrepreneurship expertise as well as excellent startup examples, including and

  • Combine solid science with hands-on application, personal goals, and marketable skills

    The DB Master’s track has been designed to help you develop academically and professionally. You will gain competence in independently conducting international and multidisciplinary research, as well as in management, and designing and organizing innovative, hands-on business solutions based on your knowledge of the digital world. As a graduate, you will not only have in-depth understanding of how business is going digital, but also marketable skills in strategy and operations, analysis, teams, consultancy and projects.

    The Digital Business track is part of our Master’s in Business Administration (BA). Discover what makes this BA Master’s different from other business programmes, or explore our other BA specializations.

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