Applied Mathematics

The Master’s programme in Applied Mathematics is meant not only for students with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, but it is also suitable for students with a Bachelor’s degree in other technical disciplines where mathematics serves as a tool to gain a better understanding of the related subject matter. In fact, you will become even more uniquely specialized in your own field by switching to the Master’s in Applied Mathematics, and as a result gain more in-depth knowledge of advanced mathematical techniques as required by the topics in your field.

You would, of course, need some additional specific mathematical knowledge in order to benefit fully from the Master’s programme. Some of this knowledge may already be part of your Bachelor’s programme. In some cases, a pre-Master’s programme, typically 15-30 credits, will be composed for you to address any deficiencies in knowledge that you may have.

If you're not directly eligible, but you are interested in the specialization in Operations Research, we might require you to do a pre-Master's programme first. More information about the structure and the courses involved on the pre-Master's programme for Operations Research can be found on the specialization website.

More general information about the UT's pre-Master's programmes can be found here.

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