Module 1: The pearls of computer science

In this module you will learn about seven ‘pearls’ of technical computer science, which will allow you to see how vast this subject is. The module deals with computer architecture, programming algorithms, encrypting information, developing software, the Internet as a computer network, functional programming and artificial intelligence. For this module's project, you and your project team will produce a system that automatically analyses and visualizes Tweets.

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Module 2: Software systems

In the Software System module, you will learn how to design and build software, from analysing the requirements to delivering a working programme. For the final project, you will programme a multi-player game according to a fixed structure.

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Module 3: Network systems

During the third module you will learn about computer networks. A good example of these networks is the Internet. How does this kind of network operate? In this module you will learn more about how information is sent and received in small packages, through cables or a wireless system, how the best path through a network is found and how you can prevent the packages from getting damaged or lost on the way. After that, it will be time to learn about a network's application, protection against abuse and the scalability of large networks. Various challenging assignments will help you absorb the knowledge you need.

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Module 4: Data & Information

In the last module of the first year, you will learn how to place relevant business information in a database. You will become familiar with data management concepts and relational databases. In this module you will also work on developing software using an approach that is quite common in the business world: Agile software engineering. In two-week ‘sprints’, you will work on delivering the software and in so-called ‘scrum sessions’ you will discuss with fellow students what you have been doing, what your plans are and what problems you are coming up against. It is a great way of learning how to work on software as a team and in a structured way.

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Second year

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