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Bachelor Open Days on 31 March and 1 April

Have you decided to sign up for the bachelor’s programme Psychology at the University of Twente? First, sign up via Studielink ultimately on 15 January 2023 Check the admission requirements below to be sure that your application will succeed. Please take into account that Psychology has an intake restriction and as a result participating in a selection procedure is needed.

Admission requirements

If you have questions regarding the admission requirements, please contact our Admission Office.

Qualification for dutch students

You can be admitted to our bachelor’s programme in Psychology with any Dutch vwo (pre-university) profile. If you have a university of applied sciences degree you can also enrol for the bachelor's programme in Psychology. If you have completed the first year of a university of applied sciences, you can (only) enrol if you obtained a havo diploma.

If you have successfully completed the first year at a university of applied sciences (‘hbo propedeuse’ in Dutch), we advise you only to enter the bachelor’s programme Psychology if you were among the better students in our year (scoring an average grade of at least 7.0). In addition to that, it is important that you are motivated to gain more depth of knowledge and to learn to think scientifically.

Selection procedure

As from the academic year 2023-2024 Psychology will assign 400 places after participation in a selection procedure.


The application deadline for Psychology is 15 January 2023. Applying after this date is no longer possible.

Selection and Placement regulations

In the ‘Selection and Placement Regulations’ you can read which rules the bachelor’s programme Psychology must adhere to during the selection procedure and placement.

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