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You are about to sign up for the Bachelor’s programme Psychology. this programme has an intake restriction.

For some programmes, a quota has been set for the number of students who can be allocated a place. This intake restriction is known as a 'numerus fixus'. Would you like to start studying Psychology as from September 2024? In that case, you need to apply for the programme ultimately on 15 January 2024 via Studielink. After this date it is no longer possible to apply for the programme.

The bachelor’s programme Psychology at the University of Twente (UT) offers 400 places for the academic year 2024-2025. Check the admission requirements to know whether you are eligible for admission and can participate in the selection procedure.

  • 1. Start your application

    As from 1 October, you can apply for the bachelor’s programme Psychology at University of Twente via Studielink, until ultimately 15 January 2024 (23.59 CET). After this date it is no longer possible to apply. Before you start your application, it is important to check the admission requirements to see whether you are admissible.

    When you apply to a programme with a numerus fixus you can apply to the same study programme at two different universities only. Furthermore, you can choose to register for up to two different study programmes with an intake restriction per academic year. More information about numerus fixus programmes in the Netherlands can be found on the website of the Dutch government.

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    Studielink is the registration system used for higher education in the Netherlands. Please check which steps to take in order to apply for a numerus fixus programme.

  • 2. Upload required documents

    Once you have applied via Studielink, you will receive an invitation from the UT by e-mail to proceed with the application process through the system OSIRIS. In OSIRIS you will provide the required information and upload all necessary documents step by step, which guides you to your possible (conditional) admission at the University of Twente (UT).

    Please note that the deadline of 15 January also applies for completing the application process in OSIRIS. Therefore we strongly advise you to start your application well before this date. When you are an international candidate you are recommended to do so ultimately 30 November 2023, in order to be able to provide the university with the documents needed in time and to know whether or not you are admissible for the selection procedure in time as well.

    To not miss out on any important information, make sure to check your mail as well as spam folder on a regular basis.

  • 3. Participate in the selection procedure

    For the academic year 2024-2025 there are 400 places available for candidates who want to start studying Psychology at UT. Assigning these places will be determined by your performance during a selection procedure. Please note that the selection procedure takes place once per year and you can take part in the selection procedure for this programme no more than three times.

    When you (conditionally) meet the admission requirements for the Psychology programme, you will receive an invitation by e-mail from the programme for the selection procedure in the first week of February. The selection procedure consists of three components that will evaluate your fit with and skills for Psychology at UT: an online matching assignment, an online written test on scientific psychology literature and an online written test about methods and statistics. Your performance on all three components will result in an individual ranking number. Your individual ranking number can be found in Studielink on 15 April 2024. If you have a ranking number up to the maximum total number of 400 available places, you will be offered a place in the Psychology programme. You need to accept this offer within 14 days in order to secure your place.

    Find out about our selection procedure and important dates.

    Accepting an offer for a place in the programme after your participation in the selection procedure does not mean you have met all admission requirements and finalised your enrolment. Make sure to have completed all steps in the admission and enrolment procedure in time in order to fulfil all the formal requirements.

  • 4. Complete your enrolment

    After participation in the selection procedure and getting assigned a place, you need to take care of finalising your enrolment, for example providing certified copies of your recently obtained diploma(s). Follow the information and corresponding deadlines applicable for Psychology and instructions communicated by the university.

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