Svenja, france

"I spent my semester abroad in France, to be more specific in the small city of Angers, only 1.5 hours from Paris. The university was very different from UT, as ESSCA (École Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d'Angers) is considered a private university in France, and therefore has some basic differences to the public universities. I took some language courses in French, and some business-related courses like Intercultural Dynamics, Contemporary European Politics and International HRM & CSR.

Housing was easy to find, as ESSCA offered assistance in finding furnished rooms in the city centre.  I chose a house with four students who had three different nationalities, which I enjoyed very much. Although the price of housing might seem high at first, it’s actually quite affordable thanks to the French housing subsidy (CAF). A welcome team and the international office help you with all the paperwork. The welcome team also picked me up when I arrived, helped me open a bank account, get a mobile phone contract, etc., which was really super.

It was difficult getting to know the French students, but I made great friends from among the group of international students from all over the world. I must say, if you want to study in France, it really helps if you can speak some French! ;-)

Overall I enjoyed my time here, got to travel quite a lot, met many students from all over the world and definitely improved my French language skills significantly."

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