NIKOS Award: Liana Brüseke

My name is Liana Brüseke, I am 22 years old and come from Germany. I came to Enschede for my bachelor studies in International Business Administration. After graduating at the University of Twente in July 2016, I went back to Germany and started a master programme in International Marketing.

My bachelor thesis dealt with the topic of privacy perceptions influencing the online shopping behaviour of millennials and baby boomers. As privacy perception is a quite complex construct, I decided to define it in terms of perceived risk and trust. Based on current literature, I designed a conceptual model assuming that risk has a negative and trust a positive influence on consumer’s privacy perceptions. After conducting several analysis steps with SPSS, I came to the outcome that baby boomers (aged between 50 and 65) are underestimated in the online shopping environment in this day and age. Both baby boomers and millennials (aged between 18 and 24) are of great interest for the online retail market, because of their size and purchasing power. Trust has no significant influence on the online shopping behaviour of customers, but risk definitely has. Thus, perceived risks have to be addressed and reduced effectively by retail companies to exploit the full potential of the online shopping environment.

I chose this topic because I am generally very interested in the field of marketing and I especially liked the topicality and recency of the research question. Working on the thesis was a completely new experience for me and I had many challenges to deal with. However, the Marketing department of the UT, and especially my first supervisor Raja Singaram, provided a lot of support during the whole process. I appreciated the one-to-one assistance, but also liked working in a team on the questionnaire and collections of responses. My tip for thesis writers to reach their goals is: be persistent and do not hesitate to reassess and revise your work consistently.

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