Bachelor students at the University of Twente can choose from a variety of topics to fill their minor space. All necessary information can be found on this website. Do you still have questions? Maybe you can find your answer in the FAQ, otherwise you can send an email to minor@utwente.nl.

ATTENTION! The registration period for the second semester minors is over. Questions? Email minor@utwente.nl. 
The registration period for the first semester minors of 2022-2023 starts March 23 (from 1 PM!). Visit the minor fair March 22, more info.
Starting in mid-February, the offerings for the first semester 2022-2023 will be current in the tool of options. When up to date, it will be posted on the website.

Non-UT student?
Are you studying at another educational institution and want to take a minor at the UT? Take a look at the website Kies op Maat. Here you can see the minors which can be followed by non-UT students. Through Kies op Maat you can also register by downloading a learning agreement.