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The University of Twente (UT) is the linking pin between local housing providers and admitted international UT students, staff-members and guests: we coordinate supply and demand through the regional housing portal Roomspot.

  • Important information concerning difficulties in finding accommodation

    As the new academic year is approaching, many students are searching for student accommodation. This search is certainly not easy, and this year it appears to be even more challenging to find a suitable new home for your study at the University of Twente. The Dutch housing market is currently overheated, with the great demand surpassing the available supply, and also, the effects of COVID-19 are tangible. It is a nationwide issue that affects the number of available student accommodations in Enschede and its surrounding area, too.

    We have contacted the major housing providers, ensuring their potential number of available rooms is as high as possible. As a university, we have been doing everything within our power to maximize the availability of student accommodation. However, we may need to conclude that we are in a situation that it would not be possible to accommodate all prospective students currently enrolled at UT. Temporary solutions, such as placing tents on campus, will not adequately answer the current situation.

    What can you do?

    Many of you have been trying to find a room in various and creative ways. Some have been successful; others may not.

    It is well worth looking in the broader area around Enschede. There are decent transport connections to the UT from cities such as Almelo and Hengelo, and even Zwolle and Deventer (though travel costs will apply). Also, just across the border in Gronau, Germany, there may be some rooms available that suit the needs of students. An overview of possible housing providers and online platforms on which rooms are offered is available on our website.

    If your search remains unsuccessful, we kindly advise you to reconsider your enrolment at our university. As COVID-19 measures are easing, more education activities, fortunately, can and will take place on campus, making it inevitable that you will need to live close by.

    It is with pain in our hearts to have to provide such advice. We know how important your study time is and how much you have been looking forward to this exciting journey. Just like we are looking forward to welcoming you to our university. However, the current difficulties in the housing market will not change overnight, and it would only be fair to inform you comprehensively and honestly about current housing opportunities in the Twente area.

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