Housing for students, staff & guests

We do our utmost to assist you in finding suitable accommodation.

The University of Twente (UT) coordinates supply and demand through the regional housing portal Roomspot.

Although we do our utmost to inform you about possible accommodations, there is a housing shortage at the moment. As a result, students all over the Netherlands are having trouble finding housing. We advise you to arrange housing before the start of your studies. Please be aware that UT itself is not able to provide you with housing if you do decide to start your studies without having a place to live in Enschede or Hengelo. Make sure you find housing before the start of your studies. Please check these tips and tricks for finding accommodation.

When to start looking for accommodation?

Starting in February 2023? Start your search as soon as possible.

Starting in September 2023? Start your search from May onwards.


  • Start your search early

  • Checks to keep in mind

  • Fact-finding

  • Red flag alerts

Housing tailored to your profile

To find out what housing options apply to you, please select below which status applies to you: 

Our housing providers

UT works together with several local, housing providers which housing offer can be found and applied for via Roomspot. 

How to arrange housing as a visa student

Are you a visa student looking for a room? Check out our video below or infographic: