There are approximately 2000 students living in student residences on the campus. Here you can find self contained single rooms, small appartements and large group homes with up to 24 residents.

Student housing on campus is outsourced to housing provider De Veste.

All student residences are located on the west side of the campus. Famous is the Patio complex, whose inhabitants have enclosed gardens and where some of the apartments can be accessed through the roof.

Students post the empty rooms in their houses on the kamersite (housing website) of the Student Union. You can find rooms for downtown as well as for on the campus.

Furnished rooms

There are over 300 furnished rooms available for international students and staff on campus. International Office mediates for these rooms on behalf of the housing provider De Veste.

Staff houses

There are 60 staff houses on Campus. Owners have a special leasehold construction, in which an owner may only sell the house to people that work at the University of Twente (or affiliated institutions) and are going to live there themselves. 

staff houses For rent

If a staff house cannot be sold, the University of Twente may buy it back and rents it out under a multiannual contract to people with a fixed contract at the university of minimal of 12 hrs per week.

Indicated rent prices are around 750 - 1250 euro per month. If you are interested in renting a staff house, please contact (+31 74 250 32 22)

For more general information about buying or renting staff houses, please contact