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Academic Writing Support for UT students

Covid-19 Update

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), writing centre services are now available online via Canvas Conferences. Questions? Please contact us at

Writing Support 

The UT Writing Centre is here to support BSc and MSc students with their writing.

We provide free one-on-one help with any writing task at any stage of the writing process. We are trained to help you identify and correct issues related to structure and language. We will teach you strategies for improving your writing and guide you through useful print and digital resources.

There are two ways to get individual help:

  • 1. Come to the Drop-in hours

    We offer online writing support for BSc and MSc students. Come to our weekly drop-in hours on Canvas Conferences to speak one-one-one with a writing tutor about your text. Students are allowed one 45-minute session per day. Support is available in English and Dutch.

    To join, self-enroll in the Canvas course here. Come on in! We are ready to help. Please note that registration for UT Writing Centre drop-in hours is only open for bachelor and master students. Writing support for PhDs can be found here.

    • How do I add a drop-in hours time slot to my calendar?

      Click on a drop-in hours time slot in the Calendar. A pop-up screen will appear. Click on ‘more information and ‘copy to my agenda’ to add this appointment to your Google Calendar.

    • How do I add the complete UTWC drop-in schedule to my calendar?

      You can add the UTWC Drop-in Hours schedule to your Google Calendar by clicking on the following link.

  • 2. Make an appointment
    Teacher sessions:

    Teacher sessions will be conducted in Canvas Conferences. Your teacher will email you instructions on how to join the conference after you register for an appointment.

    We offer online writing support for BSc and MSc students. Make an appointment to discuss your text with one of the UT Language Centre teachers. Students are allowed three 45-minute sessions per academic year. Register for an appointment below.

    English text (BSc/MSc students):
    Click here to register for an appointment.
    Tuesday: Stefanie Allum
    Wednesday: Rebecca Veneri / Molly Waite
    Thursday: Heather Willson
    Friday: Apoorva Sonawane

    Dutch text (BSc/MSc students):
    Dutch support is available during all drop-in hours. Self-enroll in drop-in hours here.

    Teacher support with Dutch texts is available by request. Please contact us at
    Thursday, Friday: Eltine Kampen

    Research Honours Futures Bachelor coaching:
    Click here to register for an appointment.
    Select dates: Jae Evans

    TGS Research Honours Masters coaching: 
    Click here to register for an appointment.
    Tuesday: Molly Waite
    Wednesday: Rebecca Veneri

Academic Writing Workshops

Did you know that the UT Skills Lab offers workshops on academic writing?