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Clinical Neurophysiology

The research in the Clinical Neurophysiology (CNPH) group is performed at the interface of neuroscience and neurophysiology.  We focus on central nervous system disorders, aiming to develop improved diagnostics and guide novel treatments for clinical neurology.

In close cooperation with various other groups at the University of Twente and the department of clinical neurophysiology of the Medisch Spectrum Twente (headed by the chair holder) and other clinical departments, we work on specific themes, in particular epilepsy, ischaemia (stroke), and neuromonitoring. A common element is the use of the EEG as a diagnostic and research tool, assisted by real-time data processing, biophysical modeling and simulation. We also use robot-guided transcranial magnetic stimulation, in combination with high-densitity EEG.. Another scientific theme is neuromodulation with applications for chronic pain, using spinal cord stimulation e.g. for the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy, tinnitus (cortical stimulation), and epilepsy (vagus nerve stimulation).

Most group members and PhD students also work part-time in a clinical setting, which strongly assists in the translation of the research to the clinical reality.

Full chair: Prof.dr.ir. M.J.A.M. (Michel) van Putten  
Office manager: J.G. (Tanja) Gerrits   

For more information about Clinical Neurophysiology, visit the homepage of this research group.