Education at the TechMed Centre

The healthcare programmes at the University of Twente provide pioneering and agenda-setting education aimed at preparing students for a career in this sector.  

Healthcare is in constant motion. Students are trained to implement innovative and relevant healthcare improvements in today’s unpredictable, complex and globalized world. In order to achieve this, the education focuses not only on providing students with the knowledge and skills in their field of study, but also on developing a broader range of ‘21st century’ skills and personal qualities. Read more about it in the educational vision of the health education programmes of the University of Twente.

Bachelor and master programmes 

Below you will find an overview of the bachelor's and master's programmes of the Technical Medical Centre. More information about the content of the education programmes can be found on the websites of the specific programmes.

Bachelor (BSc) & Master (MSc) programmes

  • Biomedical Engineering

    Contribute to better healthcare by designing and developing medical innovations for improved diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, prevention and a better quality of life.
    5 SpecialisationsMSc2 yearsFull-time100% English

    Bioengineering Technologies

    In this specialisation, you will focus on the use of living tissues and cells in the development of technologies that can mimic or restore the function of diseased organs or damaged tissues.
    MSc2 yearsFull-time


    Robotics play an increasingly important role within healthcare. This specialisation helps you to develop, enhance and control robots and other mechatronic systems that support patients or clinicians.
    MSc2 yearsFull-time100% English

    Imaging & In Vitro Diagnostics

    In this specialisation, you will focus on the visualisation and interpretation of the processes in human cells and bodies in order to detect diseases and monitor health.
    MSc2 yearsFull-time100% English

    Medical Device Design

    What does it take to design a medical device, like an implant or medical robot? This track focuses on the design process of various types of medical devices, from ideation, fabrication to testing.
    MSc2 yearsFull-time

    Physiological Signals & Systems

    What is the impact of disease or trauma on physiological systems in the human body? This specialisation helps you to develop technologies that measure, monitor and restore (disturbed) body functions.
    MSc2 yearsFull-time
  • Biomedical Technology

    Within this Bachelor's, you will learn to design and develop new healthcare technologies, from rehabilitation robots, artificial organs, medical scans, to prostheses.
    BSc3 yearsFull-time80% Dutch
  • Health Sciences

    Do you want to contribute to optimisations and innovations in the healthcare sector? Throughout this Bachelor'’s you will learn to look critically at healthcare processes from different perspectives.
    BSc3 yearsFull-time80% Dutch
  • Health Sciences

    This Master’s focuses on healthcare policy and organisation, with specific attention to the role of technology in healthcare.
    3 SpecialisationsMSc1 yearFull-time100% English

    Innovation in Public Health

    The aim of this specialisation is to identify the most effective ways to organise, manage, finance and deliver high quality care in our society from a public point of view.
    MSc1 yearFull-time100% English

    Optimisation of Healthcare Processes

    In this specialisation students learn to apply methods of early health technology assessment in order to optimise processes in and over healthcare organisations.
    MSc1 yearFull-time100% English

    Personalised Monitoring & Coaching

    This specialisation focuses on using technology to create innovative personalised eHealth services that substantially contribute to sustainable, efficient and effective (personalised) healthcare.
    MSc1 yearFull-time100% English
  • Technical Medicine

    This Master’s will equip you to become a technical doctor who can use medical technologies to their full potential.
    2 SpecialisationsMSc3 yearsFull-time100% Dutch

    Medical Imaging & Interventions

    This specialisation turns you into a specialist in the field of imaging diagnostics and image-guided (surgical) interventions.
    MSc3 yearsFull-time100% Dutch

    Medical Sensing & Stimulation

    This specialisation teaches you to interpret medical signals and use them in various treatment techniques, for example in movement disorders or epilepsy.
    MSc3 yearsFull-time100% Dutch
  • Technical Medicine

    As a technical physician you are the linking pin between medicine and technology. You will learn to apply existing technology in innovative ways in order to optimise diagnostics and treatment methods.
    BSc3 yearsFull-time100% Dutch

Overview of all UT bachelor's and master's programmes