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the techmed event 

The TechMed Event takes place every year in November. The conference where the entire MedTech community comes together to share the latest innovations, exchange knowledge and to meet each other.

The congress brings together multiple innovation ecosystems in a unique way, from biomedical researchers, to front runners in the MedTech industry, up to leading technical physicians and clinicians. 

The 2022 TechMed Event: Together we empower our future healthcare with medical technology | 3 November

Curious about The 2021 TechMed Event?
Visit the website: www.techmedevent.com

What you can expect every year

Who will attend 

Clinical network

Technical physicians | Clinicians | Policy advisors | Patient representives | Doctors in training

Research institutions

Scientists | PhD students & Post-docs | Innovation managers | Tech Transfer managers

MedTech Industry networks

Entrepreneurs & Executives of MedTech companies | Innovation managers | representives of Startup's, SME's and Large companies | Business developers | Innovators | Advisors | Experts

Other organisations

Investors | Policy & Decision makers private and public MedTech organisations | Healthcare insurance organisations | Citizen initiatives | Health network organizations

previous editions

  • The 2020 TechMed Event

    27 August - 29 October 2020 

    The program included 50+ sessions (pre-sessions, a Conference on 28 October & B2B Matchmaking event on 29 October) within the areas of interests: AI & Intelligent Imaging, Nano Bio Tech, Healthcare robotics, Personalized eHealth and Innovation meets Industry. 

    • Keynote talk bij: Daniel Kraft MD: The future of health & medicini: where can technology take us? (Plenary)
    • Maarten Akkerman (Medtronic): Succesful implementation of personalized care pathways
    • Prof. Sonia Garcia-Blanco (UT): Integrated optical sensor or COVID-19 detection (Nano Bio Tech)
    • Michael Strübin (MedTech Europe): How AI will shae healthcare delivery (AI)
    • Panel show: The impact of MedTech on our wellbeing: innovative solutions or healthcare challenges with economic potential.
    • Dr. Jose-Luis Moctezuma de la Barrera (Stryker) - Quo vadis robotics in orthopaedics?  

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  • The 2019 TechMed Event

    06 June 2019

    The program included:

    • Keynote talk by Drs. Bas van den Dungen;
    • Keynote talk by Dr. Peter N. Burns
    • Inspirational sessions including business and science pitches hosted by Personalized eHealth Technology, Healthcare Robotics ans Sustainable Healthcare Technology.
    • Experience Expo, Innovation Matchmakers, Network square, and more.  

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  • The 2016 TechMed Event (Mira Day)

    03 November 2016

    The program included:

    • Keynote talk by Dr. Marleen de Bruijn - Learning Imaging Biomarkers
    • Keynote talk by Dr. Peter Loskill - Towards High Content Screening Platforms: Parallelizable Microphysiological Systems as in vitro models of Cardiac and Adipose Tissue 
    • Keynote talk by: Prof.dr.ir. Harrie Weinans - Mechano-inflammation of joint degeneration
    • Postersessions by TechMed PhD students en postdocs. 

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  • The 2015 TechMed Event (Mira Day)

    03 June 2015

    The program included:

    • Inspiring keynote talks in the Biomedical and Technical Medicine domain
    • Postersessions by TechMed PhD students en postdocs. 
    • Networklounge

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  • The 2014 TechMed Event (Mira Day)

    19 June 2014

    The program included:

    • Interactive sessions ‘Meet the Clinicians’
    • Talks and discussions about ‘Innovative Collaboration’
    • State of the art research and breakthrough results
  • The 2012 TechMed Event (Mira Day)

    12 April 2012

    The program included:

    • Interactive Technical Medicine session: Meet the clinicians
    • Keynote talk: Prof.dr. R. DeKeyser
    • Keynote talk: Prof.dr. W.J.G. Oyen
    • TechMed's talented scientists introduce their research within the Strategic Research Orientations: Imaging & Diagnostics; Neural and Motor Systems; Tissue Regeneration.  
  • The 2010 TechMed Event (Mira Day)

    31 March & 01 April 2010

    The program included:

    • Keynote talk: Prof.dr. Hans Clevers - Wnt signaling, Lgr5 stem cells and cancer
    • Keynote talk: Prof.dr. Thomas Jovin - Fluorescence microscopy: traversing the treacherous road from the lab to the maketplace
    • Workshop by Prof.dr. Maarten IJzerman, Science Park and Venture Lab on"Being successful in healthcare business. What you should do and what we can do to support you. 

The TechMed Event is a joint effort by the TechMed Centre of the University of Twente and World Trade Center Twente in Hengelo.