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TechMed Innovation Hub

The Technical Medical Centre is a leading Digital Innovation Hub that stimulates the development and implementation of technology for better healthcare. In order to realise true impact in healthcare and the MedTech industry, the TechMed Centre boosts innovation by connecting different stakeholders in our network and regional ecosystem, offering a wide diversity of services, stimulating new innovation projects with funds and voucher programs and by offering our extensive experience in Tech Transfer. 

Semme Moolenaar, Business developer Novel-T:

"The TechMed Centre’s combination of research, education and practice forms a breeding ground for innovation and the social (holistic) approach allows these innovations to be implemented."

If you would like to know more about the management of the TechMed Centre, please contact Remke Burie. Wander Kenter is your first point of contact for questions about innovation and valorisation. And Eliane Mocking-Nieuwenhuis is our liaison for cooperation with clinical partners.