The Technical Medical Centre has state-of-the-art infrastructure to support its research and education. Its facilities range from high-tech research labs for early stage research & development activities, to simulated healthcare environments with real medical equipment that can be used for training of professionals or as a testbed for final preclinical studies. Finally, we have access to the medical facilities of an extensive network of clinical partners that can be used for research and training.

Facility sharing

Facility sharing is actively encouraged both within and outside of the university (both hospitals and the medtech industry/SME’s). Examples of facility sharing are TechMed spin-offs that use shared lab facilities to allow a successful start, medtech companies that use the TechMed testbed for early stage product testing or advanced research labs for contract research experiments, and hospitals that use the simulation & training labs for educating their staff. The University of Twente and its partners in the region have various financial incentives in place to stimulate utilization of these facilities.

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The Technohal at the O&O-square on the university campus will be the new location for the Technical Medical Centre. The building is scheduled for completion in December of 2018 after which relocations can begin. You can read more about the renovation of the Technohal on the university's housing strategy webpage.