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Biomedical Signals & Systems

The research carried out in the Biomedical Signals & Systems (BSS) group is aimed at supporting the central nervous system in conditions like Parkinson’s disease or strokes. BSS studies how electrical stimuli applied to the nervous system can restore impaired body functions. The researchers use models and knowledge of neurophysiology and anatomy to optimize the brain stimulation patterns. The group also studies how the body can control prostheses and how feeling prostheses can be improved by such means as cutaneous stimulation.

Pain stimulus sensing device developed by BSS

Scientists of this group work together with hospitals and internationally operating companies to test their findings in a clinical setting. For example, they investigate in cooperation with the Roessingh Rehabilitation Centre in Enschede, the Netherlands, how patients can be remotely monitored and trained with the aid of intelligent measurement and stimulation systems applied to their body, in combination with contacts with the physician responsible for their treatment. These innovative methods developed by BSS make it possible to treat patients outside the hospital.

Full chair: Prof. dr. ir. P.H. (Peter) Veltink  
Office Manager:  W. (Wies) Elfers  

For more information about Biomedical Signals and Systems, visit the homepage of this research group.