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Neural & Motor Systems


Applied Analysis MIRA’s Applied Analysis group (AA) models neural activity in various parts of the brain, an example being research into the brain areas involved in Parkinson's disease. AA also analyses models of the cortex, the outermost layer of the cerebrum, in order to gain a better understanding of epilepsy. Biomechanical Engineering The Biomechanical Engineering group carries out research concerning the treatment of impaired interaction between nerves and skeletal muscles. The group tries to gain insights into the mechanical operation of the body’s motor system and to represent these insights in the form of models. The researchers also study the effect of operations on the skeleton. Biomedical Signals & Systems The research carried out in the Biomedical Signals & Systems (BSS) group is aimed at supporting the central nervous system in conditions like Parkinson’s disease or strokes. BSS studies how electrical stimuli applied to the nervous system can restore impaired body functions. Clinical Neurophysiology The research of this group is performed at the interface of neuroscience and neurophysiology. Strongly driven by clinical needs, we focus on central nervous system disorders, aiming to develop improved diagnostics and guide novel treatments for clinical neurology. Robotics and Mechatronics The research carried out within the Robotics and Mechatronics group is centered around the theme of robotics in inspection and medical applications. Medical-related projects focus on tele-operated robotic surgery, and hand and lower-limb prostheses.