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Physics of Fluids

MIRA’s Physics of Fluids group (PoF) conducts research into various topics revolving around the physical description of the dynamic behaviour of liquids and gases. The group specializes particularly in the use of microscopic bubbles and droplets for medical imaging. It also develops new methods of medical diagnosis and therapy using ultrasound.

Brandaris 128

PoF has developed the Brandaris 128, a one-of-a-kind camera that can take 25 million pictures a second. It is capable of recording ultrarapid processes in the body with nanosecond precision. The high-speed camera enables the scientists to study contrast bubbles which doctors use to visualize blood flow – or lack of it – in organs such as the myocardium.

Another of PoF’s fields of expertise is the therapeutic use of ultrasound. For example, to find out whether a dental root is free from bacteria after a root canal treatment, the group has developed a method of root imaging using ultrasound. This shows any bacteria that have been left behind, which can be removed immediately, thus preventing fresh infections and obviating the need for follow-up treatment.

Full chair: Prof. dr. D. (Detlef) Lohse  
MEDUT chairs: Prof. dr. ir. N. (Nico) de Jong & Dr. A.M. (Michel) Versluis
Office manager: J.H.B.M. (Joanita) Leferink  

For more information about Physics of Fluids, visit the homepage of this research group.