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Biomaterials Science and Technology

The Biomaterials Science and Technology group (BST) focuses on polymer synthesis, structure-properties relationships in polymeric materials and their application in medicine.

A threedimensional wax is 'printed' by the stereolithograph.
One example of current research is the development of advanced microstructures by photo-polymerization of functionalized degradable oligomers in stereolithography. Another is the tissue engineering of cardiac muscle, heart valve leaflets and blood vessels and the synthesis and processing of composite materials for fracture reconstruction in jaw and facial surgery. Pre-designed architectures based on biologically active materials are being developed to engineer muscles, bones and cardiovascular tissues in bioreactors, under conditions that mimic the natural environment.

This research will be extended to incorporate the synthesis and characterization of large arrays of materials and their evaluation by high throughput methods, which will likely lead to the discovery of novel materials that perform well in their interaction with cells and tissues. Thus, important contributions will be made to the evaluation of novel biomaterials and their implementation in clinical settings.

Already one spin-off company has been created from the BST work. This company develops resorbable anti-adhesion barrier membranes prepared from polytrimethylene carbonate.

Full chair: Prof.dr. D.W. (Dirk) Grijpma
Office manager: K.G. (Karin) Hendriks  

For more information about Biomaterials Science and Technology, visit the homepage of this research group.