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Research groups

The research of the Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics group centres around human cognition and applications of this knowledge. Part of the research in the area of cognitive neuroscience focusses on the neural basis of human motor skills. This includes the effectiveness of neurostimulation on motor learning in elderly, and the role of motor imagery in the learning of motor skills. Also, CPE studies the neural mechanisms that underlie the influence of attention and mindfulness training on the processing of pain stimuli. Finally, neuroscientific knowledge is modelled in artificial neural networks.

EEG and Painstimuli
Cognitive ergonomics research aims at optimizing the human-machine interface of medical (and also other) systems, including those that are used in dynamic, time-pressured situations like the operating room. This research includes determining the roles of the technology and the professional depending on their strengths and weaknesses. CPE is further involved in projects where biosensor technology is integrated in the workplace, like when arousal in handicapped people is being monitored.

Head of the department: Prof.dr. W.B. (Willem) Verwey
Office manager: Jeanine Lodeweges-de Vries      

For more information about Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics, visit the homepage of this research group.