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MIRA is a trend-setting and rapidly growing research institute in the field of Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine. It employs more than 300 researchers who work together on top-level research. On average, one article written by a MIRA researcher is published in a renowned scientific journal every day.

MIRA's research can be subdivided into three Research Themes. Researchers into disciplines that are connected with one another work here together on such issues as: Bionanotech & Advanced Biomanufacturing, Neural & Motor Systems and Imaging & Diagnostics. This working method results in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research, it strengthens the cohesion between current research and it facilitates the opening up of entirely new fields of research.

MIRA has appointed various clinical professors in order to ensure that the wants of clinicians remain central and to encourage cooperation with the medical community. Another important mainstay of MIRA's is entrepreneurship, in order to ensure that patients benefit from our knowledge and technology. We have an active start-up policy and work in close collaboration with (academic) hospitals, other research institutes and the business community.