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MIRA regularly organizes lectures that connect MIRA’s biomedical research to the outside world. Topics at the forefronts of science are presented by distinguished researchers in the field, specifically aiming at the broad audience of the MIRA institute. Each lecture will be preceded by a lecture of a talented UT researcher. An impression of previous editions:

  • Lecture by prof. Bert Meijer on Supramolecular Biomaterials, preceded by a lecture by dr. Mireille Claessens on Protein Aggregation Across Length Scales.
  • Lecture by Metta de Noo on research fallacies in the Lucia de B. case (video registration). De Noo’s lecture was preceded by a lecture by MIRA’s Jeroen Rouwkema. By the title: Workout for cells, Rouwkema has lectured on how mechanical signals are used to stimulate engineered tissues.
  • Lecture by Dr. Robert Riener (ETH Zurich) about Robots that Cooperate and Motivate. His lecture was preceded by a short presentation by Dr. Jai Prakash on Cell‐specific Targeted Therapies: the Future of Medicine.