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Dr. L. Reneman is Neuroradiologist at the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam. She obtained her PhD thesis cum laude on neuroimaging of the potentially neurotoxic effects of ecstasy in 2001. She was trained as a Radiologist from 2001 to 2007 and subsequently did a European Fellowship in Neuroradiology (2006-2007). Over the past decade she developed her own initiated translational line of research directed towards the effects of psychotropic drugs on the (developing) brain using neuroimaging techniques, MRI in particular. Dr. Reneman heads the ‘Developmental Neuropsychopharmacology and Brainimaging group’ currently containing 10 members. This group focusses on the application of innovative neuroimaging methodologies to study non-invasively the effects of drugs on (developing) neurotransmitter systems. This unique and very innovative line of research provides insight into benefit and harm (evidence based medicine) of psychotropic drugs on the brain and its application in personalized medicine. Application of these innovative neuroimaging methodologies for children research is at the heart of our work. To set-up this line of research at the AMC, personalized funding was obtained in addition to other funding sources, such as NWO/ZoNMW. Dr. Reneman is also coordinating an EU FP6 project from ERA-NET PrioMedChild on the application of novel techniques in the field of Developmental Neuropsychopharmacology.