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20 Mar 2017 - Want to boost your education? Upcoming CELT workshops for UT lecturers: 23 Feb 2017 - Scienstists get closer to developing bioartificial kidney [article in De Ingenieur] The national magazine De Ingenieur brought a major background article on bioartificial kidney research on 13 February 2017. Prof Stamatialis was interviewed about their research to creating a functional bioartificial kidney. The article is published (in print) in February 2017 in De Ingenieur.  The Dutch summary of the article can be viewed here. 18 Jan 2017 - Handy device designed by the University of Twente allows you to take a look beneath the skin In collaboration with various companies, scientists at MIRA research institute have recently developed a prototype for a handheld device that combines ultrasound technology with photoacoustics. 13 Dec 2016 - ERC Consolidator Grant for Jeroen Rouwkema University of Twente researcher Jeroen Rouwkema is awarded the prestigious Consolidator Grant by the European Research Council (ERC). Rouwkema will receive ERC funding (two million Euros) for his project ‘VascArbor’, the goal of which is to control the development and organization of blood vessels in cultured tissues. 30 Nov 2016 - Half a million euros for better Healthcare through new technology Pioneers in Health Care Innovation Vouchers 2016  30 Nov 2016 - At long last - stroke patients can be monitored at home, using a sensor suit From now on it will be possible to accurately monitor and analyse how stroke patients move during everyday life. This involves the use of a new suit fitted with 41 sensors, plus the infrastructure needed to transmit, store and process all of the data collected. This technology and information will make it possible to improve the rehabilitation process and cut healthcare costs. 25 Nov 2016 - Jeannette Hofmeijer receives Professor De Winter Award Today, during the celebrations to mark the anniversary of the University of Twente’s foundation day (known as Dies Natalis), the Professor De Winter Award was presented to Dr Jeannette Hofmeijer. 22 Nov 2016 - Six new Technical Medicine Fellowships UT steps into the breach with an incentive scheme, as the government fails to act