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3 Oct 2017 - UT provides better insight into post-stroke movement quality After a stroke, patients struggle with various physical impairments that do not always disappear after intensive training and rehabilitation therapy. 28 Sep 2017 - Cultured tissue fed by 3D printed veins As soon as we are able to repair damaged bone tissue using cell material of the patient, artificial solutions made from metal or plastics will not be necessary anymore. Creating small tissue parts for bone, cartilage and muscles is already possible. For an effective treatment of patients, however, larger tissue surfaces are often needed. At present, it is a problem to keep them alive due to a lack of adequate nutrition. Even using the last techniques, it is a problem to feed the whole tissue area fast enough. As a consequence, it will die. Jeroen Leijten of the University of Twente now found an innovative solution for keeping even large tissue areas alive. He receives a Starting Grant of 1,5 million euros for this, from the European Research Council. 27 Sep 2017 - Clinical study: prototype UT equipment can detect rheumatoid arthritis According to a first clinical study published in the scientific journal Photoacoustics, the University of Twente and various European partners have designed a device that shows the difference between healthy fingers and arthritic fingers. The University of Twente and Ziekenhuis Groep Twente researchers responsible for the development of the compact device believe that it may in time help doctors to objectively diagnose the degree of inflammation in joints. 26 Sep 2017 - COPD action plan shortens exacerbation duration and reduces hospital admissions The University of Twente and Medisch Spectrum Twente Enschede carried out the first study worldwide that shows patients with COPD (lung disease caused by smoking) and other diseases (heart disease, diabetes, anxiety and depression) have better outcomes if they follow a self-management programme with a customised action plan. 20 Sep 2017 - Mathematical simulations shed new light on epilepsy surgery Results from an unexpected quarter could help neurologists to identify which brain region to remove to eliminate an epilepsy patient’s symptoms. Mathematicians from the University of Twente, together with researchers from the University Medical Center Utrecht, have shown that it is sensible to examine the interconnections between different brain regions closely, instead of searching for abnormal regions only. The results of their study were published in the scientific journal Epilepsia.   19 Sep 2017 - Epileptic seizures show long distance effects The area in which an epileptic seizure starts in the brain, may be small but it reaches other parts of the brain at distances of over ten centimeters. That distant activity, in turn, influences the epileptic core, according to mathematicians and neurologists of the University of Twente and the University of Chicago. 19 Sep 2017 - Contracts signed for construction Technohal, University of Twente The actual construction of the Technohal building will start at the beginning of October. The Technohal will be the new location for cluster Health of the University of Twente. 4 Aug 2017 - UT-researcher Sarthak Misra in EenVandaag on needle steering On Wednesday, 2 August, television program EenVandaag aired an interview with UT-Associate Professor Sarthak Misra.