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23 Nov 2017 - Imaging technique shows progress Alzheimer's disease Using ‘Raman’ optical technology, scientists of the University of Twente, can now produce images of brain tissue that is affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The images also include the surrounding areas, already showing changes. 23 Nov 2017 - Major funding for wearable robotics Wearable robotics, 3D printing of large metal objects, deep learning, extreme microscopy without lenses. In four out of six ‘Perspectief’ funding programmes, the University of Twente is involved. 22 Nov 2017 - Eleven researchers awarded Pioneers in Health Care vouchers 2017 On 21 November, the ‘Pioneers in Health Care’ (PIHC) Innovation Fund awarded 11 vouchers, each worth EUR 50,000 or EUR 75,000. The vouchers are awarded to boost initiatives that aim to encourage collaboration between organizations in the region in the field of healthcare and medical technology. The winning initiatives focus on improving patient care through the use of new technology. This is the fourth time that vouchers have been awarded by the fund made up of the University of Twente (UT), the Medisch Spectrum Twente hospital in Enschede (MST), Twente Hospital Group (ZGT), Deventer Hospital, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and healthcare insurance company Menzis. 20 Nov 2017 - Needleless jab best tech idea of 2017 The idea of the University of Twente to administer medicine to people without the need for needles has been revealed to be the best tech idea of 2017. 20 Nov 2017 - Technical Medicine students win two prizes at Student Research Conference The Student Research Conference, which took place in Middelburg last week, saw two separate prizes awarded to three Technical Medicine students from the University of Twente. The students are Sanne Feiner, Silvana Riphagen and René Hovenier. 9 Nov 2017 - Floris van den Brink wins Kolthoff Prize The biannual ‘I.M. Kolthoff Prize’ for analytical chemistry goes to UT scientist Floris van den Brink, for the microreactor he developed for medicine screening and other applications. Van Den Brink is also in this year’s finals of the ‘Simon Stevin Gezel’. 7 Nov 2017 - Ruchi Bansal wins UEG’s National Scholar Award Dr. Ruchi Bansal of MIRA's Biomaterials Science and Technology group has been awarded a National Scholar Award during the United European Gastroenterology (UEG) week 2017, Barcelona, Spain. She won the award for her recent work on innovative nano-therapeutics for the treatment of inflammatory liver diseases caused by excessive alcohol drinking and/or an unhealthy fatty diet, titled “Targeting liver inflammation using Mincle-targeted liposomes as a novel drug delivery system”. 21 Oct 2017 - Marcel Heinrich winner Golden Master Award 2016. Marcel Heinrich, PhD student in the section Targeting Therapeutics of the Biomaterials Science and Technology,  has been granted 1st prize for the Golden Master Award 2016. This was announced during the Evening of Chemistry 2017, October 19.