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23 Dec 2013 - Five Valorisation Grants for entrepreneurial scientists at the UT Five entrepreneurial scientists at the University of Twente receive a Valorisation Grant from the STW Technology Foundation. Just Herder, Wim Korevaar, Frieder Mugele and Stefano Stramigioli (together with Harry Hoeijmakers) receive a phase 2 Grant of, at the most, 200,000 euro. Marcel Karperien receives a phase 1 Grant worth 25,000 euro. These subsidies are intended to promote the commercialisation of knowledge resulting from university research. During this round, the STW granted a total of fifteen phase 1 and seven phase 2 Valorisation Grants. 18 Dec 2013 - MIRA magazine 3rd edition The third edition of MIRA Magazine is now available online.
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17 Dec 2013 - New research into aids that adapt to suit the user's needs This January sees the launch of a large-scale research programme into corrective orthoses that automatically adapt to the (changing) characteristics and needs of the user. Orthoses support bodily functions, helping the user raising their arm, for instance, or moving their leg. Professor Bart Koopman affiliated with the University of Twente's Faculty of Engineering Technology and MIRA research institute, is in charge of the programme, which is a joint undertaking of six universities, sixteen companies and five patient organizations. 4 Dec 2013 - MIRA research on cover Small Lorenzo Moroni and co-workers of the MIRA research institute have succeeded in imprinting microscopically small shapes on the surfaces of miniscule fibres. Their research on “A Fast Process for Imprinting Micro and Nano Patterns on Electrospun Fiber Meshes at Physiological Temperatures” has made it to the cover of the scientific journal Small. 4 Dec 2013 - Screening in public health care: from push to pull Preventive screening is a hot issue. The social pro's and con's and outcomes of recent screening trials were discussed on the yearly CMI-nen event, 26 November in The Hague, in presence of Dr. M. Bussemaker, Minister of the OC&W department. 4 Dec 2013 - Health Valley Twente event: Robotics in Healthcare On November 28th, health professionals, entrepreneurs, policymakers and researchers have joined the fourth Health Valley Twente event. The programme included a lecture by MIRA’s expert on robotics prof. Stefano Stramigioli. 18 Nov 2013 - University of Twente the best place to study engineering and technology The 2014 Universities Selection Guide awards four UT programmes the designation 'Best Course'. 15 Nov 2013 - Technical physicians of the University of Twente included in the Individual Health Care Professions Act With the inclusion in Article 36a of the Individual Health Care Professions Act (Wet BIG), the government and the medical profession confirm their faith in the skills of technical physicians. Technical Medicine at the University of Twente is the only technical medical degree programme in the world in which students can obtain a qualification to treat patients independently.