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20 Feb 2014 - Creating synergy during PET MRI Event Today the second PET-MRI Event will take place. CMI Innovation Cluster had to relocate the event by the great enthousiasm of participants for this meeting. The location is now arranged in the Grolsch Veste -Twente Kwartier - Enschede. Over 80 participants will join the event.   17 Feb 2014 - Three UT master's programmes awarded 'top-class' Three master's programmes of the University of Twente have been certified to sport the quality seal 'Top-class programme' for a year. In the Keuzegids Masters 2014 (University Master's Selection Guide), published on Monday, 17 February 2014, the Mechanical Engineering, Nanotechnology and Technical Medicine programmes scored best. 7 Feb 2014 - UT develops ultramodern forearm prosthesis Researchers of the University of Twente (UT) and Roessingh Research and Development (RRD) have developed a system which can significantly improve the functionality of forearm prostheses. Using the activity still present in their remaining arm muscles (myoelectric control), patients are able to have a more natural control of the prosthesis. Actuators also provide the user with information about movement and the amount of force applied. This Myopro project has led to an ultramodern forearm prosthesis prototype and should increase user acceptance.
29 Jan 2014 - UT spin-off participates in prestigious European stem cell research The UT spin-off company Materiomics has been granted a European subsidy of 540,000 euros for stem cell research. The company has been asked to participate in the prestigious HumEn project, which will be looking for a stem cell-based diabetes treatment. Within this project, Materiomics will be looking for the best way to grow stem cells inside a laboratory and to have them grow into the desired cell type. 28 Jan 2014 - Computer supports interpretation of EEGs An estimated forty to fifty thousand EEG registrations are made each year in the Netherlands alone. Visually analysing and interpreting all this data costs neurologists and clinical neurophysiologists a great deal of time and expertise, and PhD candidate Shaun Lodder of the University of Twente examined whether a computer could replace them in performing these tasks. Lodder's conclusion: "Although a computer cannot completely replace neurologists, it is certainly very helpful in assisting them."  Lodder is affiliated with the MIRA research institute and will defend his PhD thesis on 31 January. 22 Jan 2014 - A breakthrough in medical acoustics Researchers at the University of Twente, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and Erasmus MC (University Medical Center Rotterdam) have achieved a breakthrough in the field of medical ultrasound. Ultrasound irradiation has recently made it possible to activate minuscule nanodrops for diagnostic (tumour detection) and therapeutic (local administration of medicine) purposes. This breakthrough in medical acoustics was published in the leading scientific magazine PNAS this week.  21 Jan 2014 - Dr. Christoph Brune, MIRA’s new Tenure Tracker in Computational Mathematics We proudly announce the appointment of dr. Christoph Brune as Tenure Tracker in Computational Mathematics within MIRA’s Applied Analysis research group. For several years dr. Brune has been working successfully in international research projects on computational mathematics with a focus on inverse problems and image processing in biomedicine and nanotechnology. His focus on 4D imaging perfectly matches the goals of the Center for Medical Imaging.
20 Jan 2014 - 23 January - SPRINT annual event On 23 January the Center of Research Excellence SPRINT organizes its annual event (in Dutch). In the presence of Marijke van Hees, municipal executive board member of Enschede, highlights of the SPRINT research projects will presented by amongst others UMCG, Roessingh R&D and MIRA.