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2 Jul 2014 - 600,000 euros in subsidies for research into lung-on-a-chip Chip to accelerate research into lung disease treatments and decrease animal testing 1 Jul 2014 - 600,000 euros in subsidies for research into lung-on-a-chip A research consortium consisting of academics from the University of Twente MIRA research institute, the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) and the Erasmus MC have been granted a 600,000 euro subsidy from the Dutch Lung Foundation. The money will be used to create a three-dimensional lung-on-a-chip. This chip is to improve the development of new methods to treat and regenerate damaged lung tissue and may, in the future, even result in the transplantation of lung tissue that has been grown from the body's own cells. 25 Jun 2014 - More accurate prediction possible on which IC patient benefits from fluid administration Administering extra fluids to IC patients with a disrupted blood circulation can improve the oxygen supply of tissues and organs. However, in some of the patients it can actually lead to all manner of harmful consequences and, in the worst case scenario, can even lead to the death of the patient. Benno Lansdorp investigated how to better predict which groups of patients will or will not benefit from additional fluids. Amongst other things, he showed that with about fifteen percent of the patients, you can already very accurately predict whether administering additional fluids is desirable or not. He will defend his doctoral thesis at the University of Twente on 27 June.  24 Jun 2014 - Xsens/UT Technology Launched into Outer Space NASA launched the force and motion measuring shoes, co-developed by Xsens and University of Twente to outer space. One pair of Xsens force-measuring shoes, called ForceShoe, are now onboard the International Space Station (ISS). With the force and motion trackers in each shoe, the intensity of the astronauts’ workouts can be analyzed and perhaps optimized. 19 Jun 2014 - Cooperation for the patient The third edition of the MIRA event took place in the Grolsch Veste in Enschede today. More than 250 visitors attended this event, with the focus being on cooperation. Cooperation leads to the best science and technology, which ultimately benefits the patient, argued Albert van den Berg, scientific director of the Research Institute for Technical Medicine and Biomedical Engineering, during his opening speech.  3 Jun 2014 - UT designs sperm-like nanorobots Researchers at the University of Twente have developed microrobots which resemble swimming sperm cells when they move. The design of this 'MagnetoSperm' has a head of metal and a flexible body which is about six times larger than that of a human sperm. The artificial semen can be employed to administer medicine and may be used during in vitro fertilization. 28 May 2014 - Outcome of the High-Tech Health Farm in new online magazine ‘Providing custom care, close to home, using the latest technology,’ was the essence of the High-Tech Health Farm (HTHF) program. Innovations for healthcare, developed within MIRA and the University of Twente, and within companies and hospitals in the area, are one step closer to the patient. The results from the ten projects are described in the online magazine ‘High-Tech Health Farm’ (in Dutch). 23 May 2014 - MESA+Bionanolab facilities available at University of Twente The MESA+ BioNanoLab is fully equipped now! The BioNanoLab offers a variety of equipment and technologies that may be of interest for your research. The facilities are available for users from inside the university as well as for external partners, offering interesting opportunities for science, industry and the (bio)medical field.