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9 Mar 2015 - Announcement Concert against Rheumatism On 29 May, the Concert Against Rheumatism will take place on the initiative of Joke Bleumink (herself an amateur violinist, who started building violins when rheumatism made it impossible for her to play). The proceeds from ticket sales will be devoted entirely to the research by MIRA’s professor Marcel Karperien into the arthritis plaster. You are cordially invited to attend this evening at Paleis het Loo to enjoy a unique concert. Specially for this occasion, the musicians from the Valerius Ensemble of HET Symfonie Orkest will exchange their own instruments for the violins and cello built by Joke.

Tickets costing € 50 can be ordered here (in Dutch): http://www.utwente.nl/ufonds/benefiet-kaarten-bestellen/bestellen.shtml

You can read more about this initiative on: http://www.utwente.nl/ufonds/artrose/ (in Dutch).
4 Mar 2015 - Video-competition: Science in twenty seconds Is it possible to summarize scientific research in a film lasting just twenty seconds? The only answer to that is: Yes. The 20 Seconds Science video-competition at the University of Twente was rounded off this week. Scientists from the MESA+ and MIRA scientific institutes accepted the challenge to create extremely short films in which they presented their research in a way that people could appreciate. This resulted in a total of 26 attractive short films, many of them with a touch of humour. There were prizes for three of them. 20 Feb 2015 - Marloes Letteboer appointed managing director of MIRA Marloes Letteboer is the new managing director of the University of Twente’s MIRA research institute. She will succeed Martijn Kuit, who held the position for nearly six years. 19 Feb 2015 - University of Twente receives European research grants of more than 13 million euros The University of Twente is doing well at attracting European research funding. Twenty-five research projects submitted by UT researchers within the EU's Horizon 2020 programme have been accepted. A total of more than 13 million euros has now been awarded. The UT has thus scored well above the European average. Rolf Vermeij, who assists UT researchers with the acquisition of European funds, expects that a total of more than 15 million euros will be awarded this round of the Horizon 2020 programme. 16 Feb 2015 - Pioneers in health care innovation fund: summaries of winning projects In addition to the earlier notification on the Pioneers in Health care innovation fund, the summaries of of all winning projects are now available here.
16 Feb 2015 - MIRA’s professor Bob Pinedo highlighted in Arts en Auto Read all about MIRA’s professor Bob Pinedo in the interview published in Arts en Auto magazine.

13 Feb 2015 - Vici grants of €1.5 million for Herman van der Kooij and Allard Mosk UT researchers Herman van der Kooij and Allard Mosk are to receive Vici grants of €1.5 million, announced the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research today. Van der Kooij will use his grant for research into a flexible robotic suit that will offer paralysed people support so that they can walk. Mosk will use the grant for research into retrieving information about images from diffused light.
10 Feb 2015 - Stefano Stramigioli in University of the Netherlands Daily this week, professor Stefano Stramigioli (EWI/RAM) will keep lectures in the 'University of the Netherlands', a Dutch TV programme and internet lectures. His lectures on Robotics were recorded in December 2014, in Club Air Amsterdam. At the 'University of the Netherlands' the best professors of the country will give a daily lecture on the internet. From 9 February on, the lectures of Stefano Stramigioli can be seen on www.universiteitvannederland.nl, YouTube, Volkskrant), and on TV at the NTR, AT5 and the Ziggo-channel.