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9 Dec 2015 - University of Twente gains two prestigious ERC Starting Grants Ivo Vellekoop and Álvaro Marín have each been awarded an ERC Starting Grant worth one and a half million euros. This prestigious European Union personal research grant helps talented young scientists establish their own line of research. Dr Vellekoop, of the university’s MIRA research institute, will be using his grant to fund research into a new generation of microscopes capable of imaging structures located much deeper inside biological tissue than is currently possible. Dr Marín, who is currently working at the Universität der Bundeswehr in Munich, will be returning to the University of Twente, where he will use his grant to fund research into a completely new method of detecting diseases at an early stage.   7 Dec 2015 - EDEN2020 - Research into advanced needles for robotic brain surgery Prof. Sarthak Misra of the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) and the University of Twente has been awarded a European grant of €713,000. He will use the funds on a four-year research project into the development of flexible needles fitted with sensors for use in robotic neurosurgery. Misra’s research is part of the European EDEN2020 project in which he and researchers from seven other European universities have joined forces.  2 Dec 2015 - University of Twente again voted most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands On Wednesday 2 December, the University of Twente was voted the top Dutch university in the area of commercial knowledge transfer: recognizing the university’s ability to create economic and social value from scientific knowledge. 27 Nov 2015 - ‘Pioneers in Health Care Innovation vouchers’ awarded Medical Spectrum Twente (MST), the Twente Hospital Group (ZGT) and the University of Twente (UT) are partners in the ‘Pioneers in Health Care Innovation Fund’, which has now entered its second year. The health insurer Menzis is a new partner in the fund. The aim of the fund is to encourage collaboration between MST and ZGT medical specialists and researchers from UT’s MIRA research institute. These collaborative efforts are intended to result in new insights and technology that will serve to improve the effectiveness of patient care. 20 Nov 2015 - Researchers create functioning biological kidney tubule Researchers at Utrecht University, Radboudumc and the University of Twente succeeded in creating a functioning biological ‘kidney tubule’. The tubule was made from living kidney tissue grafted to a dialysis membrane. This allows to excrete waste products from the blood that normal dialysis cannot remove. “We hope that this combination will eventually be able to replace the current dialysis technique”, according to Utrecht University Prof. Roos Masereew. The results of their research have recently been published in Scientific Reports on 16 November. 30 Sep 2015 - Medical Tour Photoacoustics & Ultrasound This week, a delegation of 18 scientists, clinicians, and business people affiliated with the Center for Medical Imaging CMINEN are visiting Canada and the USA. The delegates are comprised of researchers and educational staff from University of Twente and Radboudumc, clinicians from Medisch Spectrum Twente, Ziekenhuisgroep Twente and Radboudumc, and representatives of various imaging companies and entrepreneurs in innovative medical imaging. 29 Sep 2015 - UT desalination chip should increase efficiency of medicine development Susan Roelofs, researcher with the UT research institutes MESA+ and MIRA, has developed a chip that should support the faster and cheaper marketing of new medicines. Her chip should make sure that the pharmaceutical industry can improve the analysis preparation of solutions containing candicate compounds for potential medicine. The chip removes the salt from the solution so that the solution can be analyzed. By scaling down an existing desalination technique to a chip it should be possible to strongly reduce the necessary amount of liquid containing the (expensive) potential medicine compounds. Roelofs will be awarded a doctorate for this research on 30 September at the University of Twente. Next she will research in a technical and financial feasibility research what possibilities there are to market the desalination chip. 24 Sep 2015 - University of Twente online: Ultrasound Imaging The Technical Medicine programme at the University of Twente offers a free online course starting 5 October: “Ultrasound Imaging: What is inside?” The course explains the technology of ultrasound, how it is used in a medical environment and how an understanding of the underlying technology will help improve patient care. "Ultrasound is used by many different medical professionals. The become even more valuable if they understand the technology behind the device," explains Wiendelt Steenbergen, Professor in Biomedical Photonic Imaging at the UT and senior lecturer of the course.