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8 Mar 2016 - University of Twente partners up with top French institutes, IRCAD and IHU The University of Twente and the two leading French institutes, IRCAD and IHU, will cooperate in the fields of education and research. The signing of the new partnership agreement was celebrated at a kick-off meeting today. Leading figures from all the institutions involved in the partnership were present at the meeting.  8 Mar 2016 - Combating cardiovascular diseases on a chip Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. Organ-on-a-chip technology is a promising breakthrough in the quest to find out more about these diseases and in testing new drugs to fight them. Prof. Christine Mummery and Prof. Robert Passier, both of whom combine their work at Leiden University Medical Centre with recent appointments at the University of Twente, are dedicated to improving patient care using organs-on-a-chip. This is an interdisciplinary field par excellence: cooperation is essential. On 10 March, the two professors will deliver their inaugural address at the University of Twente.  19 Feb 2016 - Leen van Wijngaarden Prize 2015 for Prof. Dr. Jacco Snoeijer. On 17 February 2016 Prof. Dr. Jacco Snoeijer (Physics of Fluids group UT & TU/e) was presented with the Leen van Wijngaarden Prize for his excellent work on the dynamics of wetting and moving contact lines. 15 Feb 2016 - Test bench for medical tech startups The new ‘TechMed’ test bench of the University of Twente enables high tech companies in the health sector to test their products or services in a simulated and realistic environment. The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) supports the new initiative. 2 Feb 2016 - €93k grant for University of Twente spin-off LipoCoat LipoCoat, a new University of Twente spin-off company, will receive a grant worth €93,000 from NanoNextNL. The company has developed and patented an extremely thin coating that prevents contaminants from sticking to the surface of medical devices such as contact lenses and catheters. Its initial focus is a coating for contacts to prevent irritated eyes. LipoCoat plans to use the NanoNextNL ‘Valorisation Grant’ to further develop a prototype and to prepare a wear study among contact lens users.  29 Jan 2016 - First Double Degree in Nanotechnology The first graduate of the Double Degree Nanotechnology, offered by the University of Twente and Lodz University of Technology is Beata Nagórniewicz from Poland. Both universities are members of the European consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) and they jointly developed a nanotechnology programme. 28 Jan 2016 - €150,000 grant for Markus Beck’s cell research UT researcher Markus Beck of the Medical Cell BioPhysics group(research institute MIRA) will receive an EU grant of 150,000 euros. The money will fund his study titled ‘On-Chip Cytometry Printed On Demand’. 22 Jan 2016 - UT develops robotic arm for Duchenne patients Researchers from the MIRA research centre, together with the VUmc, TU Delft and the Radboud umc, have developed the A-Gear: a robotic arm that can support the daily activities of people suffering the muscular disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. They recently put the final touches to the first prototype for a discreet, body-connected support aid that can be worn under the clothing and that can support independent operation of the arm during important daily activities.