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At the CMI Facility in Twente four state-of-the-art Siemens imaging systems will be installed. These include the following image modalities: 


The flagship product of CMI is Siemens latest PET/MRI scanner. The scanner shows the function of organs, soft tissues, and other internal bodily structures (PET), while providing simultaneous images (MRI) of those organs. It is the first system installed in the Netherlands. Worldwide only a dozen Siemens PET/MRI scanners are currently installed, mainly in Europe (Germany) and a few in the USA. 


The positron emission tomography-computed tomography scanner is used for the quantification of molecular processes in the body, while ensuring precise images.


This system combines advantages of nuclear imaging and CT in order to improve image quality and radiation sensitivity, while decreasing radiation dose for the patient.


A powerfull 3 Tesla MRI scanner complements the facilities at CMI. The strong magenetic field of Siemens 3T scanners increases image clarity and anatomic detail.