MIRA University of Twente
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About us

MIRA is the University of Twente's research centre for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine. MIRA has often been acclaimed as one of the best research institutes in Europe and the United States in the field of Bioengineering.

MIRA employs more than 300 researchers working together, under the motto ‘Top Technology for Patients’, on international, trendsetting, top-level research. We regard technology as a catalyst for innovation in the health care sector. For this reason the wants of clinicians are always central to our research and training. Multidisciplinary cooperation is indispensable because innovation mainly takes place in the marginal areas between disciplines. Not only between technical disciplines and behavioural and social sciences, but also with the business world, (academic) hospitals and other knowledge en research institutes. In order to make our knowledge available to society, we encourage entrepreneurship among our employees. This is why MIRA has been involved in creating dozens of spin-off companies that market the technology developed. MIRA's annual turnover is in the region of 25 million euro.