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7 November 2017

Ruchi Bansal wins UEG’s National Scholar Award

Dr. Ruchi Bansal of MIRA's Biomaterials Science and Technology group has been awarded a National Scholar Award during the United European Gastroenterology (UEG) week 2017, Barcelona, Spain. She won the award for her recent work on innovative nano-therapeutics for the treatment of inflammatory liver diseases caused by excessive alcohol drinking and/or an unhealthy fatty diet, titled “Targeting liver inflammation using Mincle-targeted liposomes as a novel drug delivery system”.

About the award

The UEG’s National Scholar Award is designed to identify and nurture promising investigators at a junior/early career level. It is based on the highest scoring abstracts selected for presentation at the UEG’s International meeting. Only one National Scholar Award is selected for every country.  Next to the National Scholar award, Ruchi Bansal also received a travel award that includes funds to attend the annual international UEG Week.