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27 May 2015

Premières during Hi-Tech Fashion Event at University of Twente

The Innovation Lecture 2015 held at the University of Twente on 2 June 2015, with main guest speaker Neelie Kroes from StartupDelta, will coincide with a Hi-Tech Fashion event. Under the slogan “High Tech Human Touch”, the University will exhibit the latest developments in wearable technology: fashion of the future that makes use of 3D printing, lasers, LEDs, solar energy and other technologies. Designers of international stature will take part, including Pauline van Dongen, Hellen van Rees, Leonie Smelt, Leonie Tenthof van Noorden, Sensoree, Maartje Dijkstra, POPKALAB, as well as designers from the University of Twente and Saxion. As the crowning touch, a number of designers will show creations never before seen on the catwalk, and the University will, for the first time in its existence, have a few fashion firsts.

Maartje Dijkstra

Maartje Dijkstra graduated in 2006 from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem after having undertaken a work study in 2004 with Alexander McQueen in London. She launched her own fashion label in 2007. Maartje designs individualistic, sculpture-like, progressive, hand-made clothing collections, accessories and illustrations. On 2 June, her show will include DEZIPFADEN, which she developed along with electronic composer/producer Beorn Lebenstedt, a.k.a. Newk.

Pauline van Dongen

Pauline van Dongen is a fashion designer who explores the space between body and textile in each of her designs. Pauline combines high-tech materials and new technologies with traditional materials and craftsmanship. An example of her progressive approach is provided by the 3D printed shoes that she developed in 2010 in collaboration with the Freedom of Creation Company.

Hellen van Rees

Hellen van Rees is a fashion and textile designer who graduated from the prestigious MA Fashion at Central Saint Martins in London in February 2012. Prior to that, she completed her Bachelor’s in Fashion Design at ArtEZ in Arnhem. Her collections are shown each season during Fashion Week in London and Paris. Lady Gaga has worn an outfit by Hellen van Rees. In July 2013, Van Rees won the Humanity in Fashion Award during the Berlin Fashion Week. Her clothing has a futuristic appearance, often including 3-dimensional elements.

Leonie Smelt

Leonie Smelt is a fashion designer from Enschede who was previously apprenticed to Iris van Herpen and successfully completed her studies at the Willem de Kooning Academy, presenting an experimental final collection.

Leonie Tenthof van Noorden

Leonie Tenthof van Noorden is an industrial designer with a passion for materials, fashion and technology and the ways in which these elements can interact with each other or may be combined. She graduated from the Industrial Design department at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Leonie is a designer with a broad view of product design and interaction, and explores the ways in which technology impacts on our daily lives.


Sensoree’s therapeutic biomedia monitors the body and reacts to visual perception and tactile feedback. This approach constitutes a new manner of communication with ourselves and others about how we feel. The emotion-based design stimulates self-awareness, awareness of our body, spontaneity and fun. Sensoree works with futuristic elements of sustainable materials with integrated sensitive technology. Sensoree is a company owned by Kristin Neidlinger, current "artist in residence" for the Creative Technology programme at the University of Twente.

Posturise (University of Twente)

Posturise is an innovative manner of improving posture, using unique sensor technology for this purpose. The wearable solution detects mediocre posture and provides instantaneous feedback. This helps to train muscle memory so that you are soon sitting up straight and walking tall.


POPKALAB is a design and research studio focusing on innovations in wearable technology. The lab specialises in electronic textile and reactive clothing for entertainment and lifestyle. POPKALAB along with its network of specialists, concentrates on design, trends, photography and technology, and includes professionals such as engineers and programmers on staff, to generate fresh ideas.


Designer Freya Zaplata will display her 3D printed nylon, produced using a Cartesio printer and printed directly onto the textile. She completed her minor in Smart Functional Materials in the Applied Commercial Textile Science programme. Designer Eliza Bottenberg will show the Elector Luminescent Fibres created for the lectureship in Smart Functional Materials.

Innovation Lecture

The Innovation Lecture at the University of Twente is an annual event in which a prominent personality makes a presentation on new and innovative technological developments and their impact on society. Neelie Kroes will give the 2015 Innovation Lecture on 2 June. Students, staff, government officials and members of the business community are welcome to come to the university campus in order to participate in discussions with her during the interactive afternoon. The programme of the Innovation Lecture will also include introductions by businessman and University of Twente alumnus Yori Kamphuis from Coblue Cybersecurity and Ray Quintana from the prestigious Cottonwood Technology Fund. It is still possible to register for Innovation Lecture 2015.