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How we use hashtags (#) at the UT

A hashtag is a keyword or short phrase preceded by the hash symbol (#), which is often included in social media posts to indicate the topic.

The goal of a hashtag is to make the content accessible to all people with similar interests. A simple click or search on a hashtag will create a feed with every other post tagged with that same hashtag.

Below are some hashtags used by University of Twente. Use them to keep the conversation going! Have a hashtag you use often and would like added to the list? Send it to us:

  • #utwente - our general hashtag, used for all UT-related content
  • #movetotwente - specifically used in a campaign targeted on the new students of academic year 2016-2017
  • #utcampusview - specifically used during our Open Days in November 2016
  • #oaj16 - the general hashtag of the Opening Acadamic Year 2016 for all Dutch universities
  • #twentescienceweek¬†- hashtag for the Twente Science Week