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This is how to post content on social UT social media channels.

Please note: We do not post commercial posts. For internal information, please consider the student and employee portal as the main channel. Our social media community contains a large group of users outside the UT, therefore we consider internal posts carefully before posting them. 

  • Option 1: We repost your content

    Mention us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Our webcare team will probably recognize your post and we may repost it. You can send us a direct message on that channel to make sure we see/repost it.

  • Option 2: Send us the URL of an existing social media post

    Send an email to socialmedia (@) and include a link to an existing post, like We will consider sharing it.

  • Option 3: Submit your content through the form below (only if this content is not yet on social media)

    If you cannot post your content on a or several social media channel(s): send us the details about the content you would like to share via the form below and we will take it into consideration.

    Please note: by filling out this form, you confirm that

    • You have the copyright of the pictures and are allowed to use them.
    • You authorize the University of Twente to publish the submitted materials on any of our social media channels or website, or for promotional purposes.

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Please note: only upload files that can be shared on social media. No PDF files/Word documents/Excel files, etc. Images and video only. Images with text/logo's on it should be .png format and not .jpg. 


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